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Kids & Adults With Disabilities

Kids with disabilities, as well as adults, benefit enormously by riding our pedal go karts, especially those who are not able to ride a "regular" bicycle on two wheels. We provide much more stability, hence more confidence, than a two-wheeled bicycle, since riders will not be able to fall off before, during or after riding. Our bikes are very stable. There is plenty of space for legs as the seats are adjustable to the rider and the rider's needs. Our bikes are light to pedal and easy to brake to a halt. The below photo shows my stepson Michael who has a neurological condition causing him reduced mobility and fine motor coordination. Even though he wears leg braces, he is still able to ride. Pedals with straps can be provided to hold feet in place. Our clients with disabilities include children with autism, cerebral palsy and various other neurological conditions and mobility challenges. Our bikes are highly recommended by Thames Valley Children Centre in London, Ontario.

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